Best Ripple Coin (XRP) Wallets for Ease and Security

Cryptocurrencies are getting popular day by day. In the past 2-3 years, we have heard a great fluctuation in the price of these currencies and this is one of the main reason for its popularity. Bitcoin is a very famous coin if we talk about cryptocurrencies. Another such famous coin is Ripple. The reason ripple grabbed the attention of people is that it was invented in 2004 but came in the digital currency world in 2012.


There are many reasons for ripple being popular and one of them is its investors which includes Google as well. This has developed the trust of people and as not everyone can afford Google, people prefer to buy XRP. Ripple has gained importance and value in the past few years and now it is at the second level in coinmarketcap.

If you invest money in any of the cryptocurrency, it is very important to keep it safe. There are no laws made for cryptocurrencies which makes its security and precautions even more important. If you have chosen a wrong wallet for you, you may lose your money and there is no other way to fight for it to get it back. So, if it’s gone, it’s really gone. Before investing money, it is very important to invest your time and choose the right wallet for yourself. We understand that it is important for you and so we have prepared this list of ripple wallets for you to choose the best.

Ledger Nano S

Have you ever imagined keeping this virtual currency in your pocket? Well, this is possible with Ledger Nano S. This is a hardware wallet which means you can carry it in your hands. This wallet is specifically designed for digital currencies.


This hardware wallet looks like a USB pen drive and can store your unlimited ripple. It has all the options you want to do with your ripple like send, receive and store. The device keeps your coins safe and secure. On the display itself, you can see the real-time transactions which mean you can always confirm if the transaction really happened.


This is one of the best wallets for your ripple and other cryptocurrencies as well. The Ledger Nano S supports a wide variety of coins. The security of this wallet makes it at the top of all ripple wallets. It supports secure pin-code and two-factor authentication which makes it more secure. It keeps the track of your holding of the blockchain. The developers of the wallet put extra effort into its development. You can set the password on your device. The wallets keep the automatic backup of your account or coins which means even if you lose your device you still have the way to get it back.

This device will cost you approximately $99 but it’s worth it.

Toast Wallet

Toast is a free open source ripple wallet which anyone can use. The wallet is as simple as possible and yet as secure as it could be. The combination makes it the choice of people and adds toast wallet to the list of top ripple wallets. The people using this wallet likes it because of its convenience.


1. It is a multi-platform wallet which means that the wallet is available for all the platforms. The separate applications are designed for Windows, Android, and iOS. The applications have a very user-friendly graphic user interface. As the creators say, “simple enough for your grandma but safe enough for a Swiss banker”.

2. This wallet doesn’t cost you a single penny for your transactions. Isn’t that rare and really good? You just have to have 20 ripples stored to start processing your transactions.

3. The wallet is easy to use, and you can simply register without any tough steps to perform. 

4. It has a backup and recovery feature to keep your data secure.


If we go through the ripple wallet review, GateHub is one of the very appreciated and top ripple wallets. Not just the Ripple but the wallet is dealing with so many popular cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH. You can trade Fiat currencies like USDT, INR, EURO etc. as well as metals like gold and silver.


You need to register your account on GateHub and enable two-factor authentication and security pin. Once your account is set up you can buy and store Ripple. The best part about this wallet is that you can use your bank accounts to purchase the coins however you would first require purchasing BTC and then use it to buy any other digital currency.

GateHub is not new and it’s been very long it's offering a wallet service. This is the reason it is now accepted at many online offline stores. This removes the limitation of the wallet being used for trading purpose only.

The interface of the wallet is easy and simple. You can view the complete history of your transactions with the price and the amount of Ripple purchased. The Wallet is also designed to send you notifications about the transactions so that you always know about each and every transaction of your account. The wallet also shows detailed real-time analytics of the currencies which makes it very convenient for users to invest at right time.

GateHub is very popular ripple wallet and among one of them to be mentioned on official ripple website. Investors have faith in ripple and the interesting features attract them towards it.


Guarda is a multi-currency wallet available for both mobile and web version. The main feature includes lightweight, easy to use and its security. This wallet supports almost all known cryptocurrencies.


The reliability and compatibility of the application make it countable in the list of best ripple wallets. You do not have to worry about any of your information and Guarda does not store any of your information including private key or wallet data. Your private key is stored in your device memory which is automatically deleted when you log out from the wallet. Using this Wallet is easy, and it does not require any lengthy registration and KYC process. You can keep and trade your asset very smoothly without even going through the KYC or verification process.

Edge Wallet

Edge wallet is an open source software wallet launched in February 2018. The wallet is not very old but very much rich in features. The wallet is available for both Android and iOS and offers crypto to crypto exchange, fiat to crypto exchange and direct access to Ripple network.


The user wishes to use Edge Wallet are required to sign up for the account and secure it with authentication methods like two-factor authentication and security pin. The wallet is completely free to use and really admired because of its simple and secure user interface. If you have used any banking applications, you might feel familiar with the Edge wallet as the interface is designed in a similar manner.

The wallet has a very unique approach to the security and architecture of the application. Generally, these wallets use a third party for its server security buy Edge provides its own security layer and functioning on the blockchain. The wallet supports all of the cryptocurrencies traded in the world. You can send, receive, trade and store your currencies in this wallet. Even if a coin is new, Edge wallet will support the coin if permitted by the developers.

Since the wallet is launched its been loved by the investors due to its uniqueness and variety of features. It is worth it for sure.


Coinpayments is the Canada based cryptocurrency payment platforms. The website allows you to store your cryptocurrencies in the wallet and works like a physical bank. Coinpayment is a very known crypto payment platform with more than 296000 vendors spread in 182 countries. Coinpayment has made it very easy for the users to use it as a paper currency. People can buy anything from anywhere using the digital currency or even can withdraw ripple in the bank accounts.


Coinpayment is free to register and charges only 0.5% for the transactions. This is applicable to all type of transactions and investors. The wallet also has a mobile app available or iOS and Android. It has an user-friendly, simple and easy to navigate interface.

Coinpayment is a multi-coin wallet and supports almost all the altcoins. Not just the multi-coin but this is multi-purpose wallet too. Coinpayment is working with many online stores and e-commerce websites to make the purchase possible with them. There is a number of online stores which accepts coinpayment method and it is working with many more.

For the security of your investment and money, coinpayment has a partnership with BitGo. BitGo is known for Bitcoin Payments, however, coinpayment is using it for all the digital currency it supports. BitGo makes the transaction very smooth and fast. The payment mechanism makes sure that no transaction is completed without the knowledge of account owner.

Coinpayment is a secure platform or your Ripple coin. The wallet is linked with the bank accounts or US, Canada region which means if you want you can withdraw your money in your bank account.


Exarpy or XRP seems like it’s a game of words.

Exarpy is another very popular ripple wallet which has maintained itself in the top ripple wallets. It allows its users to interact with the ripple network.


The wallet can be accessed by any of the device and in any browser.

Exarpy is fast, secure and highly reliable ripple wallet. When it comes to the security, Exarpy does not compromise with it.

The wallet doesn’t store any of your information which makes it most liked by users.

It is very way to register on Exarpy and completely free. It will provide you a cryptographic token to log in to your account.

The transaction fee is 0.025% on every transaction which is fairly low as compared with its competitors.

Users can send, receive and store their ripple coin in this wallet without any fear of losing coins and any information.

ABRA wallet

ABRA is a global cryptocurrency wallet which allows you to store approximately 20 cryptocurrencies at one place. This is basically a mobile application which facilitates Crypto exchange and wallet services. The mobile application of the wallet is available for both Android and iOS. The interface of the application is attractive and user-friendly. The registration process is just a simple step.


The best feature of this wallet is that you can exchange your cryptocurrencies without any transaction fees. Also, there is no limit of the transaction on the exchange. You can buy ripple using your fiat currency very easily. It supports almost 50 fiat currencies.

Though the transaction is free, and the wallet is easy to handle, many investors do not prefer this wallet. The reason behind is unreliability. Only the users have access to their private key which means if you lost it, you completely lost your investment. There are sayings that the mobile application will discontinue anytime which is a big reason for not choosing this wallet.

Final thought

There are many more Ripple wallets available in the market. Not all of them provides you all the feature and not all of them is secure. These wallets look legit and provide great features. We should be able to set our priority in terms of choosing any wallet. It is very much important to look at all the available possibilities and choose the best as per our requirement.

Security is the main concern as these wallets are to store your coins. I would suggest choosing a wallet which is highly secure and meets your requirements. Always enable two-factor authentication without any miss on that as it is the additional security layer to your wallet.

Crypto investment is always a risk and we should find the possibilities to reduce the risk of our investment. Any possible solution which reduces the risk is worth a try. Good luck!