Ripple/XRP into Biometrics Space With Aluf holdings

Blockchain has become more and more interesting day by day. Crypto market is never without a fume. One such cryptocurrency and the company is in the news for a very long period. Both critics and its new collaborations play a major role. It is in news sometimes for lawsuits against it and most of the times because of its new partnerships.


Ripple is one of the cryptocurrencies who has numerous partners and every other day we hear news about its partnerships and collaborations. Ripple has become one of the major leaders in the blockchain based revolution. In past few days Ripple was listed on Binance and then Coinbase Pro and recently Aluf holdings Inc., a holding company have shown interest in Ripple and the cryptocurrency XRP specifically.

This holding company delivers software applications and offers subsidiaries. The company has a dynamic and growth-oriented business approach to technology. The company presently serves in the United States with a focus on healthcare, government, aviation, education services, and law enforcement. The company has four sections divided which are hardware, software, the blockchain, and biometrics.

Recently Aluf holding expressed its interest in ripple and XRP cryptocurrency with a tweet on 7th of March. In one of his tweets he says:

“#XRPCommunity, we’ve heard a lot about you, and we’re excited to announce that we’re looking into @Ripple & the XRP Ledger for our latest acquisition pursuit in the biometrics space and our desire to transition its proprietary technology onto the blockchain. Stay tuned for more!”

Ripple company and the XRP cryptocurrency is already leading the crypto market. Ripple has already revolutionized the payments sector and proven itself better than any other existing option. Some sources also point that Ripple is moving to blockchain based gaming industry. This has also been revealed by Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of ripple. Ripple is already in partnership with new companies in different industries and this new partnership with Aluf holdings will make Ripple step in to completely different yet an important industry. Ripple sooner will become the part of Biometric space industry which is again a new start to something great.

Aluf holdings 

Aluf holdings seem very much interested in Ripple and are in much more favor of Ripple too. Ben Zandi, Vice-chairman of the board of Aluf holdings also said, “When you combine the power of probability of these ultra-identification technologies with zero knowledge storage, encryption, privacy, security, and trust available through blockchain, you have a game-changing solution. We’re going to be the ones that bring that to the market.”

Ben Zandi thinks that this collaboration is going to be a game changer for both of them. Though the company has not confirmed anything yet but showing an interest out of nowhere cannot be neglected.

After the tweet, the company was asked many questions about this interest with one of them stating if they are looking to acquire ripple to which they replied “We are not looking to acquire ripple. We are specifically interested in using XRPL / Codius / ILP, etc. – We will update on this with more information soon!”

This is quite an amazing thing for XRP and ripple lovers. People and now very keen about this new partnership and excited to know how they will use codius and what for.

XRP is indeed on wheels and all these new engagements and collaborations are proof of it. These things are making its base strong and they will surely cherish this in future. Ripple has partnerships with more than 250 companies, banks, and financial institutions and it is further planning more.