Cards of BSC (COB) - A Collection of Unique Digital Collectibles

It is the year 2092, Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies have take over the world in all aspects of life, Banking institutions have been riddled into extinction, NFTs have taken over Physical Ancient Art pieces and old Audio track records are only found in the museum, the world operates on a fully digital and decentralized culture.

The Cards of BSC came into existence at this time, they are NFTs on the ever growing Binance Chain, they represent dynamic features and how the the Binance chain stood the test of time. A while after the release of the COB NFTs, they became the most sought after NFTs due to their rarity and the massive utilities attached to each rarities.

The COB also created an NFT marketplace and a token with an ever increasing value due to features like the decreasing supply with each NFT traded on the COB Marketplace. A new beautiful world for exclusive members.

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