Delio DSP (DSP) - a Key Voting Governance Token on Delio's Web 3.0 network

Delio token (DSP)is a key voting governance token on Delio's Web 3.0 network, where digital and virtual assets, and online services are powered by decentralized infrastructure. DSP is used in the Delio's crypto asset financial ecosystem. Blockchain-based Web 3.0, a new decentralized internet that provides users greater control over their data, content, and funds, is the greatest feature of Delio. To create a high-quality service, decentralized governance and a tokenized ecosystem must be established.

The main objective of Web 3.0 is to transform the existing centralized platform economy into a decentralized token economy, decentralize collaboration and participation within the ecosystem, as well as the further development of the ecosystem in a way that allows for fair distribution of ownership and rewards. Delio has continuously expanded its comprehensive financial services, including staking, through continuous infrastructure investments. Holders can propose and vote for Delio’s decision-making process and DSP can be obtained as a reward for all services such as crypto asset deposits and loans, interest-bearing wallets (Delio Bank), NFT marketplace (, and liquidity pools (Delioswap). In the future, your DSP can be used as collateral for other cryptocurrency loans or exchanged for DX points and used for both online and offline payment.


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