DOGGY (DOGGY) - unique, pixelated, generative non-fungible tokens

Crypto Doggy are 10,000 unique, pixelated, generative non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs feature dog avatars with different characteristics — dog types, color scheme, eye blinking, tongue stretching and dog accessories like glasses, scarves and hats. These characteristics determine the rarity, and price, of these Crypto Doggy NFTs. The NFTs can be purchased using 100,000 DOGGY tokens in BakerySwap, under the gamification section.

Crypto Doggy NFTs can also be purchased on secondary NFT marketplaces, and the value of the NFTs depends on the holder and the DOGGY price today, as the marketplace only supports transactions in DOGGY tokens. There is a maximum total supply of 5 billion DOGGY tokens, and every 100,000 DOGGY spent on buying the NFT in BakerySwap will be burned, reducing the supply of the tokens. Holders of DOGGY tokens can also stake to earn rewards.


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