Dogs Of Elon (DOE) - A Utility Driven Cryptocurrency and NFT Project to Unify All Meme Communities

DOE the powerful ERC20 that fuels the ecosystem. $DOE is a community-focused, DeFi cryptocurrency token, and the companion to the Dogs Of Elon NFTs. $DOE can be staked to passively earn more $DOE, renDOGE and $SHIBA.



Token Saftey To ensure saftey we have had the $DOE token contract and the Dogs Of Elon NFT contract audited by CertiK. The $DOE contract doesn't contain any potentially hazardous code like mint functions, i.e. The supply is fixed at 1,000,000,000 $DOE.

Further more, once we have deposited staking rewards in the the pools we will renounce ownership of that contract, ensuring rewards cannot be withdrawn or the reward modified.



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