Global Trading Xenocurrency (GTX) - Serves as a bridge between operators and members.

GTX is a global company that is expanding globally and stands for Global Trading Xenocurrency.

Founded in 2019, GTX has been developed as a company that collaborates with numerous companies not only in Korea but also around the world and serves as a bridge between operators and members.

It helps new businesses to make their business easier and more accurate by managing the necessary funds and new customers thoroughly through the central system, and creates a smoother and more ideal market for consumers to access various items.




Through the membership system, we provide various benefits and support to all members of the company, including mobile phones, Internet+IPTV, rental shopping malls, beauty diet shops, GKFX trading, Onebot, and Royal Q, and we strive to create a smooth communication and comfortable environment between all operators and customers.

GTX aims for a spirit of constant research and challenge. In a rapidly developing society with steady efforts to become the best company, we are focusing all our efforts on improving our thoughts and ideas to think about people first and to make them richer and fresher with technology for people.



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