INU (INU) - All Hail The Inu

In crypto, the success of a strong community has led countless individuals to a life of financial freedom; many of whom would have stayed poor forever, even if they worked every day saving each penny until the day they died.

The rise of Shiba Inu caused a cultural and monetary shift in the world on levels never seen before. Thousands of "Something-Inu" tokens have launched since then attempting to capitalize on both whatever the current "trend" is as well as those hoping to buy in early on the "NEXT SHIBA INU", thus destroying trust in the INU name and the promises that came along with it.

Today, even Shiba Inu itself has strayed far away from the original vision its creator intended.

Filling up the market with these "Trend-Inu" tokens has left many hopeful investors burned and rugged, and has fractured the Memecoin community as a whole. Nowadays, building the "Next Shiba Inu" feels like an impossible task, as there is seemingly no place for the laymen to come together and build outside of trend-chasing dog coins with dev teams who always let their communities down.

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