Kangal (KANGAL) - a DAO building the ultimate dApps ecosystem

Kangal is named after a breed of Anatolian Shepherd dogs of the same name, which defends herds from predators for many centuries.
KANGAL holders are the stakeholders of the Kangal DAO and can create and vote on proposals that shape up the future of the project. KANGAL staking will be the only way to mint the utility token $TEAK which will power the dApps ecosystem that will start with decentralized applications built by the core team and eventually the platform will turn into a dAppStore where other developers, teams, or companies will be able to submit and publish their dApps. One of the first dApps of the platform will be an NFT drops platform which will eventually turn into a full-fledged NFT marketplace.


Official Website:https://www.kangaltoken.com/