Lucky Metaverse (LMETA) - Token for our P2E - 3D Virtual Game

Welcome to Lucky Metaverse (LMETA), LMETA is the token for our P2E - 3D virtual game ‘Lucky Thug’. It is used for staking, purchasing and earning within our P2E game (Thug Universe) and NFT’s.

Glock (main character) is a known thug from the hood, Glock does not look for trouble, trouble finds him. Glock often must find ways out of situations, even when the boss of the outfit he operated for fires him and banishes Glock to the ‘Thug Universe’ situated in the Metaverse of Luck. The Thug Universe as its name suggests, is full of gangs, killers, mafia, scumbags and just downright unscrupulous ‘THUGS'.



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