Niffler Coin (NIFF) - Nifflerheads Lead Community Driven Coin

Have you met Niffler? It can be your accomplice in this shining world. With his keen eyes and incredible sense of smell, he will show you everything of value and will be happy to assist you in this world. Niffler has a 6%Tax both on buy and on sell. 

The 6% Tax on will be divided for 2% Marketing, %2 Development, 1% Liquidity and %1 Holders Reward. With the contract with your partner in crime, Niffler, you took your first step into this incredible world. This contract is completely personal to you and no one can change it. Check to our contract. Have you checked the contract with Niffler from production? You can be sure that this contract, specially prepared for you, is 100% secure. 

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