WOOF (WOOF) - A Decentralized Community Coin Building the Web 3.0 Future

Woofsolana is a community meme coin designed to gather human resources, building a unique culture that has no money involved at the beginning. We airdropped all coins to community members in May 2021. We are growing the finest community on Solana. Because of the core team's goodwill for this project, countless jokes are being generated every day, making the community already use discord as a place for a daily casual chat. We are focusing on using the DAO power to gain more human resources and use its unique culture to leverage advertising, innovation, incubation, news feed, and defi productions.



At this point, over 980 billion WOOF tokens (98%) have been burned by sending them to the Solana 1nc1nerator wallet.



Official Website:https://www.woofsolana.io/